School Fees

Fee Schedule       |          School Fees Policy
School Fees are set each year to cover projected running costs of the school.  It is our strategy to always keep fees to the minimum recommended by the Catholic Education Council.  Approximat​ely 50% of School Fees are needed to make up the difference between Government Grants and teachers salaries.  The remainder is spent on classroom needs (eg books, materials) and administration (including electricity, phone, office expenses, machines etc).
You will note below that a P&F Levy is charged.  This levy is paid by all parents who have children attending a Catholic school.  Part of the levy is used for operation costs of the Diocesan Councils, the State Council of the Federation and the National Parent Body and the balance is used by All Saints for school improvements which are organised by the All Saints P&F Committee.
 A First Term account is sent home with the eldest child of each family early in Term 1.  The amount may be paid:
  • By full yearly payment on receipt of Term 1 Account (please contact the office for a Yearly Total) or
  • By four quarterly amounts payable on 7th March(Term 1), 7th May (Term 2), 7th August (Term 3) and 7th November (Term 4) or
  • By ten monthly amounts payable on the 7th of each month February to November.
Prompt payment of school fees is greatly appreciated.  If you are experiencing difficulty please see the principal so an arrangement can be made.  Don’t wait until the bills mount up and become a problem.  Direct Debiting can be arranged at the start of the school year.  Credit Card, EFTPOS and BPAY facilities are also available.

School Construction

The construction of classrooms and other essential school facilities is a school responsibility.  A Building Levy is charged for each family.  This money services our loan repayments and provides maintenance of school plant.