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All Saints Parish Primary School at Albany Creek strives to be a welcoming joyful community where everyone is accepted, encouraged, forgiven and inspired to achieve a balanced life. We are united in celebrating the Catholic faith and working for justice and peace. We aim for the holistic development of each child and excellence in learning while preparing our students to promote harmony in our world.

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National Day Against Bullying and Violencehttp://www.allsaints.qld.edu.au/Events/Pages/National-Day-Against-Bullying-and-Violence.aspxNational Day Against Bullying and Violence<p>You just have to turn on the news at night or listen to talkback radio to know that more and more people are now standing up to those in our communities who have carried on with unacceptable patterns of bullying, violence and intimidation. This is happening due to the support and encouragement of such strategies as Friday’s National Day Against Bullying and Violence. This day challenges all organisations including schools to do more for the prevention of bullying and violence. At All Saints we continue to be proactive in our approach to bullying. While not every situation can be prevented, a lot can be done in preventing bullying and if it occurs, dealing with it in a timely manner. Our Play Is The Way program sets out very clearly what the expectations are regarding social behaviour. The Life Raft “Treat Others as You Wish to be Treated” sets out this expectation for students to follow. Bullying occurs when a behaviour is repeated over and over again by an individual student or group of students. It can occur from an older student, but it is more of an issue with students in the same year level. </p><p>At All Saints we run a number of preventative programs to empower students, and to reduce the chance of bullying occurring. Some of these programs include:  </p><ul><li>Our Play Is The Way Program in all year levels  </li><li>Years 5 and 6 Social Skills programs run over six weeks in Term 1 </li><li>Years 5 and 6 Resilience program </li><li>Individual targeted programs in year levels as required </li></ul><p>When bullying is identified, a member of the Leadership Team becomes involved with the classroom teacher to investigate and ensure that the matter is dealt with. Parents are contacted as well. The aim of the investigation is to ensure the safety of the student being bullied and then to stop the bullying reoccurring. Consequences for the bully are used as well as a restorative conversation so that the bully understands the emotional effect that they are having on the other person. This is vital to ensure the behaviour of the bully changes. We also encourage any bystanders to speak up and not be passive about this matter. We employ a full time Guidance Counsellor Melissa Allison, to help support all parties through this process. I encourage all parents to speak with your child’s teacher if you have any concerns about bullying. Serious matters will then involve a member of the Leadership Team. While not all issues are issues of bullying, as a school we are committed to ensuring a safe environment for all students. This Friday, students will be involved in some classroom activities on bullying prevention. Our school has been registered with the National Day Against Bullying and Violence organisation.<br></p><p><img alt="bullying_no_way_2017long.png" src="/Events/SiteAssets/Pages/National-Day-Against-Bullying-and-Violence/bullying_no_way_2017long.png" style="margin:5px;width:638px;" />​</p>
P&F Newshttp://www.allsaints.qld.edu.au/Events/Pages/P&F-News.aspxP&F News<p><strong>COLES VOUCHERS</strong><br>We are collecting the Coles Vouchers.  These vouchers assist us to obtain sports equipment for our school!<br>You'll receive one voucher for every $10 spent, which you can then place in the appropriate specially marked box for All Saints. One of these boxes will be placed in our admin office for this purpose. At the end of the promotion period, our vouchers will be tallied up and redeemed for an exciting array of equipment to help develop the skills and fitness of your All Saints sports stars!</p><p><br><strong>FROM THE WELCOMING COMMITTEE</strong><br>Please join us for our first <strong>"2pm Pick Me Up"</strong> at the Tuckshop on Friday 16 of March. For those families that are new the School this is an afternoon tea for all parents and friends. It offers a great opportunity to catch up with<br>other parents of the school. <br></p><p><strong>Tissues and Tears 2018</strong>: Whilst five weeks has passed since this annual morning tea I must say a big thank you to those that helped me with this event. We had a busy three mornings welcoming new and old families back to the school and without their help the event would not have been a success. ​</p><p><strong>Prep Wine and Cheese 2018: </strong>Wow what a night!! Thank you to all those parents that attended the evening. The Prep wine and cheese night continues to be one of our most successful events on the calendar!<br></p>
Albany Fair - 27th Mayhttp://www.allsaints.qld.edu.au/Events/Pages/Albany-Fair.aspxAlbany Fair - 27th May<p>​​Plans are well underway with this year’s Albany Fair. The committee has been meeting to coordinate the many different tasks that are required to make the day successful. <br></p><p>There are a few positions that still need filling. These positions can be filled by one person or several people who would like to work tother. These positions are: </p><ul><li>Marketing Committee Member looking after marketing of the Fair. Tasks include: graphic design, social media, website, printing and signage. <br>​<br></li><li>Convenors are required for the following stalls: </li><ul><li>Café Corner – only need to turn up on the day </li><li>Craft – there is a large stock of items already made ready to go</li><li>Cake Stall </li><li>Hot Dogs </li><li>Haunted House </li><li>Lucky Envelope<br></li><li>Pick a Stick </li><li>Trash and Treasure – New shed has been built to make this role much easier. </li></ul></ul><p>Of course, there will be opportunities for all parents to help on the day, but if you would like to contribute by coordinating one of these stalls or working on marketing, I would be very grateful. This year the funds from the Albany Fair will be used to purchase sound systems for all classrooms to improve student learning. If you can help with one of these tasks or would like further information, please contact our new Convenor Mrs Debra Kightley at albanyfair@gmail.com.Thank you in advance for your help.​</p>

 Diary Dates

13th March
7pm Boys Staying Parent Meeting (Library)
14th March
7pm P&F Meeting 
16th March
National Day Against 
Bullying & Violence
21st March
Cross Country - Year 2 to 6
22nd March
Cross Country Prep and Year 1​

29th March
Last day of Term 1
17th April
Classes resume for Term 2​
27th May
Albany Fair