​Curriculum at All Saints

“The Australian Curriculum sets out the core knowledge, understanding, skills and general capabilities important for all Australian students. The Australian Curriculum describes the learning entitlement of students as a foundation for their future learning, growth and active participation in the Australian community. It makes clear what all young Australians should learn as they progress through schooling. It is the foundation for high quality teaching to meet the needs of all Australian students. “

All Saints is currently in the process of implementing the Australian Curriculum which is being developed progressively.  In line with our Vision for Teaching and Learning we understand that -

  • Every learner is in some respect like all others, like some others and like no other.  Learning should be inclusive for all.
  • The best learning and teaching opportunities are grounded in current educational practice and well researched best practice.

We are committed to a high standard of teaching and learning.  We give our staff professional learning opportunities and support both teachers and students with high quality resources.  A Curriculum Support Teacher works with staff in the development and implementation of the curriculum.

Our school curriculum is based upon both the Australian Curriculum documents, the Syllabus Guidelines provided by the State and Religious Education Guidelines as provided by the Archdiocese.

Our Curriculum includes the following learning areas:

English, Mathematics, Science, History, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Cultural Literacy and Languages and Religious Education.

The Australian curriculum identifies seven general capabilities.  These operate across all learning areas and are about supporting young people to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.  The general capabilities are



At All Saints students are offered an extensive range of musical opportunities.  These include:

Junior and Senior Choir, Boys Choir, Junior and Senior Band, Jazz Band, String Ensemble.

A full time music teacher takes classes from prep to Year 6 each week. Through these groups students participate in joint choral days with other schools, attend music camp and enter the Catholic Colleges Music Festival. 

Click here for further details of Music Opportunities.


Years 3-6 learn Japanese through the Cultural Literacies and Languages curriculum.

Health and Physical Education

A full time PE teacher takes classes from Prep to Year 6.  Students are involved in intra and inter school competitions and have opportunities for regional representation across a wide variety of sports.  Our Years 4-6 students participate in inter- school sporting competitions one afternoon a week during Terms 1, 2 and 3.

Click here for further details of Sport Opportunities.

The integration of technology

Competence in technology is identified as one of the seven general capabilities in the Australian Curriculum.  At All Saints we are committed to the integration of technology within learning areas.  Our students have access to both the PC and Mac platforms.  We use a combination of labs and laptop trolleys within classrooms, as well as iPads.  We believe in using technology to improve learning and enhance creativity as well as developing an understanding of responsible and ethical use.