Sport Opportunities


Image10.jpgOur PE program covers a range of sporting skills to ready your child for a variety of sports. It is a relaxed, casual program that does not place any pressure on your child to succeed. It focuses on your child performing at their best and trying to maximise your child’s potential in a fun and flexible environment. The program also allows children to adequately prepare for our school sporting carnivals. An example of a yearly program may involve the following topics.

The Prep – Year 2 program focuses on Perceptual Motor Skills or PMP. PMP is the basis of a lot of the physical activities we do; such as learning to throw, catch and kick. The children are also introduced to athletics, cross country running and simple team games.

The year 3 and year 4 program builds upon their PMP skills and starts to introduce children to modified team sport games such as cricket, tee ball and touch football.

The year 5-6 program engages the children in modified team sport games, strategy games and more complex Perceptual Motor Skills. Fitness units, invasion games and Disc Golf are examples of units taught in the upper years.

All children at All Saints are involved in a swimming program at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre. The Prep to Year 4 children are taught to swim and are given stroke correction. Year 5 children are involved in stroke correction and lifesaving skills. Year 6 children are also involved in life saving skills, flipper ball and water aerobics.


All Saints is a part of two representative sporting pathways. These pathways can only be found through the school system.

The first is the Zone 6 Catholic Sports Association.  This Association is only open to Brisbane Catholic Education Schools. State and Private schools are unable to enter this competition. Zone 6 allows All Saints children the opportunity to represent the school in a fun, friendly, yet competitive environment against 18 other schools in our region. They can compete in a variety of sports, dependant upon their age and selection.  Children aged 6-12 years have the opportunity to participate in athletics, children aged 8-12 years have the opportunity to participate in swimming and cross country; however if a younger child is good enough they can be selected in swimming and cross country teams.

The years 4-6 students also participate in a Gala Day. This is a culmination of their weekly sport and a chance for all the schools in Zone 6 to take part.

The second sporting pathway is Queensland School Sport. We are an affiliated member of Queensland School Sport and as such children aged 10-13 years at our school have an opportunity to be selected in school aged teams. There are a variety of sports children can be selected in. The children are initially selected at a North District School trial. If children are selected for North District School Sport, they then compete in a Met North selection trial. If children are selected in a Met North team they compete at the Queensland State Titles. A Queensland Team is then selected from these State Titles to compete at a National Carnival.

All Saints enters teams in The Queensland Catholic Schools Netball Cup and the Moreton Bay Regional Council Disc Golf Championships.

All Saints is quite a successful school in the representative arena. This is not only because of the natural talents of the children but we are lucky enough to have a dedicated teaching staff who are prepared give up their time to train and prepare children for these various teams. At All Saints we are lucky enough to have several members of staff who still participate in a variety of sports and we have staff members who are State and or National Champions in their chosen field.