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We at All Saints School strive to develop in the children a sense of community and belonging.  Therefore students are expected to take pride in wearing our school uniform.  Please refer to  the Unifor​m Policy

Sun Safety

The school enforces a 'No Hat No Play' policy and children must wear their hat to and from school. 

When children are participating in school swimming we encourage all children to wear a rash shirt.​

Suppliers of All Saints Uniforms

​​Full range of unif​orms are available at: 

Shop 41, Kirby Road, ASPLEY  QLD  4034
Phone:  3263 5566


Click here to download the Uniform Pricelist

​All Saints Second Hand Uniform Shop

The FACE (Family and Community Engagement) Team run a Second Hand Uniform Shop which is situated next to the Tuckshop. Most uniform items can be purchased second hand at approximately 1/3 of the retail price.  All items for sale have been donated and monies raised due to sales go directly to FACE and in turn back into our school and our children.  Please feel free to come and look at any time.  Payment for any purchases can be made at the front office.  The price list for the Second Hand Uniform Shop is available via the Parent Portal (in the School Shops section). 

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Swimming Days

Students will attend swimming lessons in Term 4.  Students should wear their sports uniform to school on swimming days and the following items should accompany them in a labelled bag:

  • sandals/thongs to wear to and from the pool
  • spare, dry t-shirt (not a school shirt)
  • hat
  • sunscreen
  • bathing cap
  • swimmers (no board shorts)
  • rash shirt
  • towel

NB: All Saints Swimming Bags and House Coloured Swimming Caps are available for purchase from the Second Hand Uniform Shop ​but are not compulsory.

What We Wear

Formal Uniform

02.1 - Boys Formal Uniform.jpg 

02.1 - Girls Formal Uniform.jpg 

02.1.1 - Formal Uniform.JPG 

Formal Winter Uniform

02.2 - Boys Formal Winter Uniform.JPG 

02.2 - Girls Formal Winter Uniform.jpg 

02.2.1 - Formal Winter Uniform.JPG 

Sports Uniform

03.1 Boys sports uniform.jpg 

03.1 Girls sports uniform with shorts.jpg 

03.1 Girls sports uniform with skirt.jpg 

Boys Sports Uniform

Girls Sports Uniform with Shorts

Girls Sports Uniform with Skirt

Winter Sports Uniform

3.2 Girls Winter Sports Uniform.JPG 3.2 Winter Sports Uniform Boys.JPG
Girls Boys


01 - Formal Leather Shoes - Girls.jpg 01 - Formal Leather Shoes - Unisex.JPG 01 - Leather sports shoes - Unisex.jpg
Formal Leather Shoes - Girls Formal Leather Shoes - Unisex Black Sports Shoes

Hair Accessories

04 - Hair Accessories  - plain green ribbon.jpg 04 - Hair Accessories - Plain white ribbon.jpg 04 - Hair Accessories - Plain Formal Schrunchie.JPG 04 - Hair Accessories - Plain Green hairbands.jpg
04 - Hair Accessories - Plain Green Clip.jpg 04 - Hair Accessories - Plain Green Hairband.jpg 04 - Hair Accessories - Plain Formal Headband.JPG 04 - Hair Accessories - Plain Sport Headband.JPG


Interhouse Sports Days UniformPrep Uniform

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