Health & Physical Education

Our PE program covers a range of sporting skills to ready your child for a variety of sports. It is a relaxed, casual program that does not place any pressure on your child to succeed. It focuses on your child performing at their best and trying to maximise your child’s potential in a fun and flexible environment. The program also allows children to adequately prepare for our school sporting carnivals.

At All Saints, all year levels have the opportunity to compete in the following carnivals;

  • Junior and Senior Athletics
  • Junior and Senior Cross Country
  • Junior (Year 1 and Year 2) and Senior Swimming (Year 3 to Year 6)

All children at All Saints are involved in a swimming program at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre. The Prep to Year 4 children are taught to swim and are given stroke correction. Year 5 children are involved in stroke correction and lifesaving skills. Year 6 children are also involved in life saving skills, flipper ball and water aerobics.

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