Reconciliation Action Plan

We are proud to embark on a journey towards unity, understanding, and respect with our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). In our commitment to fostering a school environment that reflects the diversity and richness of Indigenous cultures, we have developed a comprehensive RAP that outlines our dedication to reconciliation and building stronger connections with the First Nations peoples.

 Our RAP is a roadmap that guides our school community towards meaningful actions and initiatives that contribute to promoting reconciliation and acknowledging and celebrating the histories, cultures, and contributions of Australia's First Nations peoples.

At All Saints, we recognise the significance of embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in education and strive to create an inclusive learning environment that values and respects the unique knowledge and wisdom of the Traditional Custodians of the Land. Our RAP not only outlines our commitment to embedding First Nations perspectives across our curriculum but also emphasises the importance of fostering partnerships with our local communities.​
As we continue on this journey of reconciliation, we invite our students, staff, and wider school community to actively participate and engage in the meaningful initiatives outlined in our RAP. Together, let's build bridges of understanding, promote cultural awareness, and work towards creating a school environment that truly reflects the spirit of reconciliation.

 You can view the All Saints Parish School Reconciliation Action Plan here β€‹or

All Saints Parish School RAP