F.A.C.E (Family and Community Engagement)

​* Formerly P & F

The Story of our Parent Engagement Model – FACE – Family and Community Engagement


It was with great excitement that we began the model for Parent Engagement in our community.  We  travelled a transition journey in 2020 and 2021,  from traditional parent body models. We drew on current research, successful practices of other communities  and the guidance of Catholic School Parents Queensland and Brisbane Catholic Education as we ensure the best in faith, learning and compassion for the students in our care on our Walk in Love.   


We consulted the parent body for the renaming of our Parent Body and  FACE – Family and Community Engagement was voted the title which embraced our goals and purposes.


All we do in our school each year is based on our Annual Plan which is data informed.  Attached to our FACE model are always  our Annual Plans and you can see its strong influence on every action planned in our Faith, Learning and Community teams.  We believe our family and parent engagement should be flexible, fluid and family friendly in its adaption.  We stress that each team will communicate the agendas, meeting times and meeting notes via the parent portal and email. You can be present in person or via a digital connection.     We strongly reinforce that ALL can be involved in any team according to their interests and their schedules.  

Each Year we appoint two coordinators  in the areas of FAITH, LEARNING AND COMPASSION  who respectively work with our APRE, APA and APTL, under the leadership of the Principal and Facilitator of the FACE group.  There are always two finance officers appointed who comply with governance under the direction of Brisbane Catholic Education. 

Every year the community is made aware of the purpose of fundraising and how it will impact the learning and well-being of the students in our care.  

We work in a strong partnership on our Walk in Love.