All Saints students take out STEM MAD National Competition!

We are so proud of all of our STEM Teams but huge congratulations go to Maddi, Ruby and Ella. We look forward to celebrating this occasion along with our other prize winners, Eli and Dustin in Melbourne on Tuesday. Together in partnership with you, All Saints aims to take our students from full engagement in learning to empowerment to make a difference in our world. It was lovely to see their work recognised by BCE, please see below an excerpt from BCE and Deputy Executive Director Dr Doug Ashleigh.

All Saints Parish Primary School Albany Creek took the top award at the STEM MAD National Competition in The Future is STEM Primary category with their invention Airborne Ambulance, which delivers medicine and uses video conferencing technology to aid those requiring urgent paramedic care.

BCE Deputy Executive Director Dr Doug Ashleigh said he was in awe of the quality of student entries and the focus on saving lives in emergencies.

“Some teams proposed inventions which could aimed to prevent fatal road accidents during flooding events, and assist people during natural disasters,” he said.

“Our students truly heard the call to make a difference in others' lives this year. One entry even alerts drivers about flooded roads ahead.

Dr Ashleigh said the STEM MAD National competition combines STEM learning with the ethos in Catholic schools to help students make a difference.

“BCE schools challenge students to not only be innovative and creative in the world of STEM, but also look at opportunities for real-world outcomes. It is truly inspiring to see.

“I cannot help but to be in awe of our student’s awareness of issues in society and creativeness in developing solutions, is what makes the STEM MAD National competition so unique.

“Not only are students provided the opportunity to make real world impact with their inventions, but the entries also highlight the amazing gifts and ingenuity of BCE students in the field of STEM.

“These inventions are ground-breaking, and I would like to congratulate the BCE National STEM MAD competition winners for 2022, and I hope this competition will inspire many of you to pursue careers in STEM after school.”

Dr Ashleigh added STEM jobs are in high demand as we see a global shift towards digitization, automation, and sustainability.

“BCE schools are full of talented students who are all set to use their skills in analytics, problem-solving, research, attention to detail and research to forge themselves future STEM careers,” he said.