Volunteer Student Protection Training

​Brisbane Catholic Education takes its responsibility for student protection very seriously. All Saints School is part of the family of 141 Brisbane Catholic Education Schools across South East Queensland. BCE have developed a short Student Protection Training module for all parents who volunteer in some capacity in its 141 schools to undertake each year. It was expected that this training was only needed to be done once, but this has now changed to each year. I would ask that all parents who volunteer in some capacity, please engage in this training. It can be done online or in your own time by following the link below.

Melissa Allison our Guidance Counsellor, has prepared this short explanation of this training:
All BCE staff complete mandatory student protection training annually, and as of 2017, there is also a mandatory annual training process for BCE volunteers who may have contact with students. This training must be completed by volunteers at our school, including (but not limited) to volunteers for:

  • Tuckshop
  • School banking
  • Excursions
  • Uniform shop
  • Class reading
  • Support-a-Reader
  • Reading Enhancement
  • Sport carnivals

This is irrespective of whether you are a current parent of the school or not. If you are currently volunteering at our school or intend to volunteer in the near future, we ask you to please complete the online training found at the below link. Once completed, please print and sign the course completion form, and hand in to the front office. If you completed the training in 2017 you will need to complete the training again in 2018.

Click here to access Student Protection Training for Volunteers

If you’re unsure whether you are required to complete this training, please contact Melissa Allison (Guidance Counsellor) on melissa.allison@bne.catholic.edu.au  Please note, this process is separate from the Student Protection training required of employed staff.

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