Teacher / Parent Communication

This is very important and is encouraged.  When you wish to discuss any concerns with your child's teacher, an appointment can be made through the School Secretary, or by arrangements made directly with the Teacher.  The Principal and Admin staff are available to discuss any matters with you.  You can either drop in and see them if they are in or make an appointment. 
A Parent/Teacher evening is organised to establish rapport between the school and the home.  At this evening the teachers outline to the parents the school work to be covered by the students.  This evening is held early in the school year.
Formal Teacher Parent interviews are offered twice a year, usually at the end of Term 1 and the end of Term 2.  Term 1 interviews are held between the teacher and the parents.  Term 2 interviews involve the child as well as the teacher and the parent.
 Health and medical problems, learning difficulties, general school concerns, family crisis and financial burdens should be brought to the attention of the Principal as early as possible as these troubles can markedly affect the child's progress.  Our Catholic School Mission of care and concern extends to the whole family.  Any information given to the Principal is treated with the utmost confidence.
 A School Home Communicator is produced each Tuesday and is emailed home.  This is seen as a vital and important  means of communicating school happenings to parents.