Student Leadership

The Year Six leadership model at All Saints is one of inclusive leadership. In keeping with our School Motto, “Walk In Love”, we are all leaders; and in the words of our All Saints Feast Day song, “We are All Saints”.

Everything that is undertaken in Year Six is done with the spirit of co-operative leadership, and as such, we walk hand in hand with peers, teachers, parents and administration to continue building the welcoming community that is such an essential fabric of the All Saints ethos.


The students begin the year with an in-depth exploration of what leadership means, with a particular emphasis on Christian leadership. They review/research various world leaders to establish what qualities set a leader aside from others. Hand in hand with this they study and reflect upon Christian leadership and the challenge of following in Jesus’ footsteps and His ministry of service.

Class Motto and Vision Statement

They take up this challenge through developing a Class Motto and Vision Statement, both of which strongly reflect the students’ personal and group understanding of leadership.

Leadership Day and Christian Leadership

The leadership retreat day with Project Hatch dovetails with this developing understanding and takes a serious look at the responsibilities that come with leadership. The Project Hatch Team takes the students on this journey through the enjoyment of song and creative activities that engage them in an awakening of their role in the Christian tradition of Servant Leadership.

Jesus Our Inspiration

Year Six leadership at All Saints gains its inspiration and guidance from the life and ministry of Jesus as described in the Gospels.

Christ’s leadership and power was directed towards healing and teaching about the Kingdom of God. Jesus was an active leader who interacted with people, who listened, to what they had to say and who made people feel valued, even the poor and outcasts. He went out and met people, listened, observed and solved their problems. Yet he was a humble leader who inspired others but sought no glory for himself.

Leadership in Practice

On a practical level the students become involved in any number of activities that allow them to express themselves as leaders.

They do this by:

  • Running the Senior Assembly. Senior Assembly is an undertaking whereby a rostered group lead the Assembly and raise the flag. Every student will be able to do this throughout the year.  A group of Year 6 students teach the community the school rules at Assembly in the segment "Year 6 says!"
  •  Volunteering to play the recorder for the National Anthem.
  • Selecting a Teacher-Help group in which they can assist teachers in varying important support activities; such as Prep Set-Up (setting up Prep equipment for the morning activities), Prep Lunch -Time Games (organising games for Preps each lunch), Playground 1 Games and Activities (organising little activities in the under library play area at lunch).
  • Discussing/debating/being informed at the Student Forum, held once a fortnight. This gives the students the opportunity to share their opinions in an open democratic forum and is run as a formal meeting. The Student Forum will then elect representatives to make recommendations to the school Administration.
  • Running a School Student Council.  Each Friday one Year 6 class meets with the principal as a Student Council.  The students represent individual classes by raising ideas, planning events and by solving issues.  The year is divided evenly across the number of year 6 classes.
  • Engaging in the Buddy System. Whilst this is not specific to Year Six, a culmination of skills learnt over the years at All Saints in relation to buddying up with a younger student (usually a Prep or Year One class), and being a role model and support for their buddy.
  • Signifying the sporting accomplishments of our School House Colours with elected Sports Captains who represent their House Colour and carry out the necessary responsibilities that this role demands. This role can change as major events are undertaken; swimming, athletics, cross country etc.


The Year Six Leaders are called upon to express their leadership as they are invited to represent All Saints at school, systemic, parish and communal events.

These include:

  • Anzac Day Schools’ Ceremony.
  • Religious ceremonies at St Stephens Cathedral.
  • Catholic School’s Week
  • Waiters at the Melbourne Cup function.
  • Ushers at most school functions, e.g. opening of new facilities.