Wellness Week

In Week 7 of each term we stop and pause to celebrate Wellness Week. It is important to allow children to practice the behaviours and skills of mindfulness, exercise and positive thinking.

In this coming Wellness Week, we will be gathering across year levels for an afternoon of mindfulness. This will incorporate a short 15 minute Yoga and Stretching session led by ​one of our Learning Support Teachers. Students will also spend time outside in one of the many beautiful spaces around our school, for some mindfulness art work. Finally, we will all gather together to in our rooms for the prayer assembly led by 2B. There is a break from homework as well in this week.

Student wellbeing is not only a priority across this week. We have many play options that allows students to enjoy the downtime out of classrooms. The library is open and has building and construction games, board games, drawing, lego club and a computer club twice a week. Learning Support opens its doors as well for games and play for smaller groups of students. Additionally, we have the many outside play spaces which are so beautifully kept by our school groundsman. All of these options, give all students a place to relax and play with their peers.

Staff Wellness is also something to which we pay attention. This week our staff will participate in a Steps Challenge to get out and about, as well as enjoy a breakfast together on Wednesday. It is important in the busyness of life to look after our health and take a moment to enjoy each other’s company.