Welcome Back for Term 4

Welcome back to an action-packed term four and indeed it is full of learning opportunities, reflection time and celebrations as we head into a nine week term.

This week our Year Six students, along with nine staff, are enjoying the many highlights of our Australian capital, Canberra.  Stay tuned for many photo memories to be shared with you all this week via Facebook. 

In week three, on Monday 21st October, we have our annual 'Consistency of Teacher Judgement Day', which means it is a Pupil Free Day.  This is a time when teachers gather to continue their moderation of children’s work and share good practice with colleagues. 

In term four, in partnership with you, we will continue to build upon your child’s strengths as they complete another year of formal education.  Dr Lea Waters specialises in unlocking children’s potential by helping them with their strengths.  Her definition of 'strengths' are:

  • Positive qualities that energise us, that we perform well and choose often
  • Used in productive way​s to contribute to our goals and development
  • Built over time through our innate ability and dedicated effort
  • Qualities recognised by other as praiseworthy, and they contribute positively to the lives of others

If you are looking for a good read, which is practical and actionable, I highly recommend, 'The Strength Switch, How the New Science of Strength-Based Parenting can help your child and teen to Flour​ish', by Dr Lea Waters, an Ebury Press Book, 2017.

Best wishes for Term Four.