Sustainability Update

We have had two very fruitful meetings of our new Sustainability Committee.  We have already met with a representative from the Moreton Regional Council. Last year our School Board wrote an Environmental Sustainability Policy for our school. One of the actions from this policy was to start this new committee and for the committee to write a School Environmental Management Plan. This plan is being written and with a number of projects that the committee is working on, things are moving. Here is a sample of what the committee is currently working on:

  • All Saints has been registered for Schools Clean Up Day on Friday 2nd March. Clean up Australia Day on Sunday 4th March is also being promoted. All students from Year 1 to Year 5 (Year 6 are on an excursion) will be involved in this on Friday. Please send a pair of gloves along for your child. If you don’t have gloves, each class has a set of rubbish pick up tongs for students to use. 
  • An audit of what practices are currently in place is being undertaken, including all curriculum links for student learning. Our 50kv Solar Panel system is one example of an initiative that we have in place. This system is helping us to draw less electricity from the grid and is saving the school about $20 000 a year in costs. 
  • A focus will be made this year for further school waste reduction and better recycling practices. While we have a number of recycling practices well in place there is still more work to be done. The Moreton Regional Council is assisting us with this work.​