STEM Mad Competition

For the past three months, 15 passionate young ladies and gentlemen from Year 5 have been working tirelessly on their entry projects for the very first STEM Mad competition. STEM Mad began in Melbourne, but as of 2021 is now a national competition. On Wednesday our students participated in an intra-school competition, vying for one of the three positions available in the upcoming BCE diocese competition. The task set for the students was to create something that could “Make A Difference” (MAD) in our world. The teams all came up with very different, yet equally empathetic projects.

Millie, Freya and Eva – All Saints Winners

These girls saw the need to help the environment, and after becoming aware of the huge problem that we are facing with eWaste, they decided to build a “Multi-bin”. The Multi-bin has been designed for the home as a way to expand our recycling capabilities. It is intended to replace the yellow bins that we currently have as it contains three sections that can sort and hold various household recycling – regular recycling, eWaste and soft plastics. The girls have designed a website to promote their idea and have even come up with a community competition to encourage people to uptake its use.​

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe and Clarissa – All Saints Runners Up

From day one, this team focused on an area of passion and concern, our homeless. They were moved by statistics they had encountered which revealed how many adults and children sleep rough each night. They went on to design an “Eco-Friendly Portable Shelter” for those in our community who need it most. They conducted in- depth research to determine the best materials to make the shelter from. They also trialled a number of different shapes and designs before they came up with a final design that they are now very proud of. The girls have also outlined a sponsorship program, which would encourage businesses to sponsor a homeless shelter for a set fee. They have a comprehensive website which outlines their product, the cause and their sponsorship component.

Bella, Emma, Annie and Scarlett – All Saints Runners Up

Named the Busy BEAS, these girls buzzed with excitement for the entire three months of working. Concerned by a news story seen on television, this team have created a comprehensive website designed to provide entertainment and mental stimulation to people in aged care. Aptly named “It’s Gold Being Old” they created copious amounts of original content in order to create a ‘one stop shop’ for the elderly.


Thomas had also seen a news story during lockdown which sparked his idea to create a “Water Filter Kit”. His kit has been designed as a way to disperse a quick and easy means of providing clean water to those who are sleeping rough. It uses materials that are easily available and instructions that are simple to follow. Thomas made links to our close relationship with the charity Caritas, as he thought that they could be the ones to deploy the kits once produced.

Naomi, Hannah and Ashton 

This team were very focused on the environment as many had a strong sense of concern over things that have been happening to our planet over time. They created a robotic system that has been designed to clean up our oceans. The detailed research that they conducted, guided their design, their colour choice and charging method. They created a number of different prototypes, an augmented reality version, a scaled down physical construction as well as a robotic simulation.