Report Cards

This semester’s student report card contains a number of changes which I would like to take a few moments to explain to you. At All Saints we continue to reflect on our teaching practices with the focus on continuous improvement. The report card is a summary of your child’s progress for the semester in which it is given. The report identifies not only their academic progress, but also their work habits, social learning and effort shown. It is a document of celebration as we all affirm the good work that our students have achieved. The report card sits along with your teacher’s interview, as the two main ways we communicate to you your child’s progress.

The changes you will notice in this semester’s Report Card are as follows: 

  1. Personal and Social Capabilities: On the back of the report card we have been using the Play Is The Way framework to report your child’s work habits and general effort. After a lengthy consultation process with our teaching staff, we are changing the way we report this information in line with the Australian Curriculum Capabilities. As not every school uses the Play Is The Way framework, using the Australian Curriculum capabilities will now be in line with most other Australian schools. 

  2. Technologies: We have rolled out the final Australian Curriculum area this year, the learning area of Technologies. Of course, we have been teaching in this area for a number of years but have never reported in it. Technologies will be reported in for the first time this semester. Only one new aspect will be introduced in reports this semester. By the end of the year your child’s achievement will be more indicative of their overall achievement. Technologies, as a key learning area, is as much about design technology as it is about digital technology. To help better understand this Australian Curriculum learning area, I have included this short extract from the Australian Curriculum:

    “This learning area provides opportunities for students to apply practical skills and processes when using technologies and resources to create innovative solutions that meet current and future needs. The practical nature of the Technologies learning area engages students in critical and creative thinking, including understanding interrelationships in systems when solving complex problems. Technologies describes two distinct but related subjects: Design Technologies and Digital Technologies.” 

  3. Religion Comment: The Religion comment will now be included in the general comment.

The report cards will be made available via the Parent Portal for you to read and download from late this Friday afternoon around 5pm. Please take a few moments to read the report before attending your child’s parent teacher interview over the next few weeks.​​