Remarkable All Saints

​​I have the privilege of being able to walk from class to class and see the great learning that is occurring everyday at All Saints. From Prep students being able to talk to me about their writing goals, Year 1 students explaining to me how to "Bump Up" their sentences to Year 6 giving me examples of how to engage the audience in their writing. It is obvious that what we offer our students at All Saints is helping all students being active and engaged learners. 

Last Friday we celebrated Remarkable Moments Day. Mr Peter Hill, Director of Employee Services from Brisbane Catholic Education, visited our school and met with various classes, students and staff. Peter was a teacher and Assistant Principal at All Saints in the late 1990s. Peter commented on the special All Saints vibe which he quickly detected on this visit last week. This vibe centres around the good work our staff carry out and the way our students support and encourage one another. He commented on the great work our teaching staff have undertaken this year and the progress our students have made in their learning, particularly in reading and writing. ​