Natural Disasters - Emotional Responses of Children

​As we continue to experience bushfires unfolding across the state, we not only support and pray for those directly affected, but also look to support our community's wellbeing. Our students often have many questions or concerns in times of natural disasters and we know that lack of information or misinformation can be very troubling or anxiety provoking for many children. Even if your family is not directly affected by the current bushfires, we recommend having sensitive and age appropriate conversations about the current events. Please also be mindful of the information that children may be exposed to through television or social media. Click here for an information brochure about supporting children emotionally around natural disasters.


Tips for watching television
Of all the times when there should be active family participation in television viewing during trauma is the time. Do not allow children to watch extensive news coverage about the natural disaster. If a child is watching natural disaster footage, sit with the child. When the child becomes stressed, either engage and talk about it, or say “that’s enough for today”. Endless incredibly distressing images, about things children care about (such as animals or other children), is very traumatising if not moderated by parents.  From the Deparment of Education, Queensland