We are continuing with our preparations for the NAPLAN online tests that will occur in weeks 4 and 5 of Term 2 for  students in Years 3 and 5. Teachers are being supported by our IT support staff to assist children in feeling comfortable with the online platform by practising questions in the iPad practice environment, and knowing some of the IT skills necessary for completing the test.

As part of our ongoing commitment to preparing students for NAPLAN online in a meaningful way, we are looking at how we embed ICT skills across the curriculum. Two teachers, Erin and Jolene​, recently attended a professional development session run by BCE called ‘Maximising Learning by Embedding the ICT capability’. This day of lectures and workshops explored ways that we can be using the ICT skills necessary for the successful implementation of NAPLAN online, in authentic learning contexts in the years prior to the tests being taken. These teachers will work with the Primary Learning Leaders to assist teachers to plan and use technology in ways that will support student learning and improve their ICT skills, both of which will impact on student success on the NAPLAN tests in the future.