Library News

​The library is already a hive of activity! Classes have begun borrowing and library lunch play has commenced. Students will need a library bag to borrow library books. If you need to purchase one this can be done here at the library for $10 (cash only) – we have an array of colours – pink, purple, orange, black, red, green and blue. 

Here at All Saints, we are a reading school. One of our primary goals of teaching and learning is building a community of passionate readers at home and school and improving reading skills and comprehension.

Our attitude towards reading as adults can greatly influence a child’s disposition towards reading. Our focus is on providing positive teaching and learning experiences with reading at school and we look forward to working in partnership with you at home in our community goal of making All Saints School a reading school. 

Scholastic completed a study about ‘Reading Aloud at Home’ in this study they found:

  • Across ages the overwhelming majority of kids (86%) say they love(d) being read books aloud at home or like(d) it a lot – the main reason being because it is a special time with parents
  • More than half of children aged 0-5 (57%) are read aloud to at home 5-7 days a week. This frequency declines to four in 10 kids aged 6-8 (41%), and continues to decrease with age
  • Of those children aged 6-8 whose parents no longer read books aloud at home, half (51%) did not want their parents to stop.  

Which of these, if any, are reasons you like(d) being read aloud to at home?​


Among children aged 6–11 whose parents no longer read books aloud at home, more than one-third (36%) did not want their parents to stop.

​Reading at home is so important and we encourage this to continue right through to Year 6. We welcome parent borrowers, please pop in and see us.