Learning & Teaching News

Sometimes, if you believed everything in the media you would imagine that our schools never teach spelling or grammar. This is far from correct! The Australian Curriculum English is very clear about the spelling and grammar focus for each year level.  At All Saints, both these elements are planned for in the context of the student’s writing and reading focus.

In Year 2, the students are reading stories from other cultures as they learn about setting. In writing, they are composing some descriptive settings so have been learning all about nouns and adjectives and descriptive phrases.  On a quick visit to 2Y this week, I was fortunate enough to hear some of their work, as students shared their writing as ‘authors’ with their class. It was nothing short of amazing, so I include one student’s work below.  Congratulations 2Y on your work and to Olivia for sharing hers with us. 

Early one morning as the breeze was gently blowing the leaves of the Japanese pine tree and the sun was slowly rising, Haru began his busy day by delivering a special and precious sculpture to a rich man. (Olivia 2Y)

Our Year One classes enjoyed an excursion to Bunyaville State Forest last week to take part in the Easter Bilby Program.  The centre runs environmental education, so the students learnt about bilbies and endangered species.  This was a wonderful opportunity for our students to experience learning outside of the classroom.

Our teaching staff will be planning across the last two weeks of school.  In year level teams they will work with the Primary Learning Leaders and the Learning Support Staff .  This will be valuable time where we prepare for the start of Term 2.

Finally, we celebrated some Remarkable Learners last week.  Twice a term, teachers select a student for a Remarkable Learning Moment.  These students all visit the library together to meet with the Administration Team so that they may share their work and story of being remarkable.  They very much enjoy speaking about their achievements.  A special photo is taken and then displayed on our Remarkable Wall in the library.  Parents are always welcome to drop in with their child to view the wall.  The photos will be up next week.​​