Fr Ron Mollison

frron.jpgFather Ron Mollison celebrated 50 years as a Priest at the 9am mass on Sunday. The celebration was a great tribute to Father Ron who has served the Parish of All Saints since 1986. Father Ron’s leadership and guidance
over this time has created a wonderful community. With all the challenges that our church currently faces, we have much to be thankful in having Father Ron with us at All Saints.

The school will also be holding a special celebration in the church this Friday at 1:50pm. Our students will be leading this event. All parents are welcome.

Friday will be a FREE DRESS DAY. The theme for Friday will be to wear Black and White like Father Ron. There is no gold coin required.

Students are expected to wear their black shoes and white socks, with no short shorts or singlet tops and no inappropriate wording on their clothes. Please don’t go out and buy any special clothes for the occasion.​