Book Week

​This term we celebrate Book Week and this year we will celebrate it in Week 6. We have very exciting plans for Book Week, the first date claimer being the Dress Up Day on Tuesday August 21. Children are encouraged to come dressed as their favourite character. During Book Week we will be doing a whole school art installation facilitated by Reverse Garbage, a company that deals with materials that can be recycled. It will be based on the picture book, “Florette” which has an environmental theme. All classes will contribute to the art work in different ways, but with all contributing to the construction. We are very grateful for all of the boxes that families have been delivering to the library. These will be the bases for the artwork.  Look out for more updates in coming newsletters. There will be an invitation to families to visit the library at the end of Book Week to view the art installation.​



It has been wonderful to see our new bumper stickers popping up everywhere. Our staff have been busy spotting. Congratulations to the week’s winning families. We have chosen two cars to cover last week (as we were all getting organised) and this week. If you are the owner of the cars detailed in our latest newsletter, please contact the office. We will give out the prizes at assembly.