All Saints is a Reading School

We have now concluded the parent workshops on reading. It was very encouraging to see well over 100 parents
attend. All of the information shared is available on the Parent Portal for anyone who missed the opportunity. One of the key messages shared at these sessions, was the value of reading to a child. In this instance, the information about the benefits of reading to students is the same for teachers and parents. Below is an excerpt from a well respected text about the teaching of reading endorsed by Brisbane Catholic Education and widely used in our school. 

Reading to students helps students to:

  • Develop a positive attitude towards reading
  • Become aware of a range of text forms
  • Extend their vocabulary
  • Extend their imagination and generate new ideas
  • Develop a sense of how texts work
  • Comprehend challenging or abstract concepts and issues that might be too difficult for independent reading
  • Learn about different authors, illustrators and their styles
  • Make personal connections to texts
  • Listen actively.

Annandale, K. et al. (2004). First Steps Reading Resource Book. Second Edition. Port Melbourne:
Harcourt Education. p. 8​​