Easter Blessings

I thank you for your outstanding partnership this term and in particular your understanding and support of our staff. I acknowledge our most wonderful staff who at all times plan, prepare and implement every action to ensure the best for our students in faith, learning and compassion. The Alternative Schooling description is prepared should our current situation still be in place for the commencement of Term 2.

Please remember the Easter Story, even though these are times when life can appear dark and vague, there will be a resurrection full of light and hope.

Lord, we ask this Easter to become more like you. Help us to develop an inner strength that is capable of handling life’s situations. Help us to provide a place in our heart where you reside, Amen.

I wish you and yours many Joys this Easter Season as we draw on the warmth and love of our families.

Roycelyn Wilden
School Principal