Albany Fair - postponed due to COVID-19 advice

With the Albany Fair being postponed due to COVID-19 advice, the raffle draw will still take place as planned. A winner will be announced and the reimbursement of the $1450 will be provided to the lucky winner as per the set dates. The funds raised on top of this amount will then be kept in the Albany Fair bank account and will be used to help cover pre-event costs once a new date for Albany Fair is announced.

The odds are far better than lotto! Good Luck!

Win Your Tuition School Fee Raffle – Tickets have been distributed,  ​so hopefully you have seen raffle tickets in your eldest child’s homework pouch. If you are yet to receive or would like to more tickets, please email Please return tickets back to the office, sold or unsold by Monday 30th of March. It will be drawn Friday 3rd of April.