iPad Bootcamp

During the first two weeks of the school year, your child will be involved in an iPad Bootcamp. The intention of the Bootcamp is to provide your child with the initial skills and knowledge that will be required to participate in the 1:1 iPad Program being run in the classroom. At the end of the Bootcamp, your child will receive a copy of the User Rules Agreement which they will be asked to read and sign and return to school. This agreement signifies their willingness to abide by the rules set out by the teachers and administration at All Saints. The Bootcamp will be run across four separate sessions, which include:



During this session, students will be introduced to our iPad Management System, Meraki. This is the system that "pushes out" school purchased apps to student iPads. Students will learn how to accept installation requests and what to do should they fail to accept such a request.

Students will also set up their Apple ID within iTunes and learn how to download free apps. App management, including deleting apps and arranging apps into folders will also be discussed.


In this Bootcamp session, students will learn some basic organisation skills using the inbuilt apps Mail and Calendar. They will setup their email accounts and discuss email etiquette. Students will practice sending, receiving and replying to emails. They will also learn how to delete read email messages.

The Calendar app can be particularly helpful for organising student's weekly activities. In this session students will practice adding events and alerts to their calendar.

User Rules​

This session of the iPad Bootcamp specifically sets out a set of agreed upon rules and expectations when using the iPad both at school and at home. This set of rules has been designed to keep both the student as well as the device safe from harm. It is important to note that this set of rules must be followed to prevent insurance claims from being rejected.

At the end of the Bootcamp, your child will be asked to return a signed copy of the User Rules Agreement. It is important that you carefully read and discuss this agreement with your child.



The first of many sessions dedicated to the issue of Cybersafety, students will be introduced to what staying safe online might look like. They will participate in a number of interactive activities designed to get them thinking about their personal online safety.

Throughout the year, further information will be provided on this topic. It is imperative that the message being given at school is similarly given at home. Online safety is a highly important issue and you are encouraged to continue these discussions with your child at home.