Purchasing Apps

School Purchased Apps:

An app payment will be added to the lease to purchase apps required by the school for your child’s use. All apps purchased by the school will be pushed out to your child's iPad via our iPad Management System, Meraki. Your child will be shown how to install apps being pushed out during the iPad Bootcamp. Apps may be pushed out both during and outside of school hours. It is essential that students install these apps when prompted.

In addition to the school purchased apps, a list of free required apps will be distributed for downloading by students and parents. These apps should be installed in a timely manner.


Home Purchased Apps:

Apps not required for school purposes may be installed at home, however please note:

  • The iPad is intended to be used primarily as a tool for learning and not as an entertainment device.

  • No games or social media apps are to be loaded on the iPad during school hours.  Some educational games may be loaded at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Students will use the iPad under the direction of the teacher.  The teacher will manage the use of the device in the classroom.

  • Some apps require a large amount of storage space and downloading many free apps could detract from the primary purpose of the device.  There must be enough space on the iPad at all times to enable effective and efficient learning.

  • Students and parents are able to install home-based printers and peripheral devices on their iPad to suit their purposes.