What Is Cyberbullying?
The Australian Government describes cyberbullying as: "using technology to deliberately and repeatedly bully someone else. It can happen to anyone, anytime, and can leave you feeling unsafe and alone."
It can include:
  • abusive texts and emails
  • posting unkind messages or images
  • imitating others online
  • excluding others online
  • intimidating others online
  • inappropriate image tagging
How Is Cyberbullying Different?
Cyberbulling is different to face-to-face bulling as:
  • cyberbullying can happen any time, 24/7
  • it can occur anywhere, including at school or at home
  • it may involve many people having access to what is being said or shown
  • the cyberbully often feels safe in their anonymity
  • it can be permanent
What Can You Do?
Firstly it is important to reminid your child not to retaliate or respond to a cyberbully. This gives them power and keeps the lines of communication open. The best thing you can do if your child is being cyberbullied is:
  • Contact your child's classroom teacher to make them aware of the issue
  • Block the person doing the bullying
  • Do not delete messages or coversations, as these may be needed later on for evidence
  • Report it via:‚Äč